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About Radio Talk Show To Know About. Radio talk show is not new in radio broadcast system. It is one of the most common programs delivered by radio station. It is a broadcast that centered primarily on conversational speech. Discourses to be discussed during the show is varied. It can be about current political issue, social trend, lifestyle, love life, relationships, financial issue, and many more.

About Radio Talk Show
About Radio Talk Show

The format of radio talk are varied as well. A radio host may lead a radio talk in light and non-serous manner even if the topic is about politics or economy. There is no regulation or obligation that certain topics need to be carried in certain ways during the radio talk show.

About Radio Talk Show To Know About
About Radio Talk Show To Know About

Live Conversation

Radio talk is mainly about discussion of particular topic so live conversation is involved. However, it is not always on full mode. Sometimes, music is featured so the show is more interested. Not to mention that there are always breaks divided each segment. Therefore, some features are added.

Also, radio talk show often involves other elements such as debates, commentary, interviews, advice, Q&A session, therapeutic discourse, and many more. By adding those elements to the radio talk, the show will be more interesting to enjoy.

A radio personality is usually the one who host a radio talk show. In some cases, multiple radio hosts are involved to make the show more interesting. Occasional guests are often invited as well. They are usually the one with expertise correlated to the topic that is going to be discussed. Listeners Participation

The participation of the listener is essentials during a radio talk. Therefore, a radio talk show often a line so listeners can call in and participate in the talk. They can also call to as some questions to the host or the guests invited.

Radio talk is not only interesting but also important in our society. It can be a platform were people can openly discuss about topics in more fun and interesting way. It is also a platform where people can convey their opinion for participatory democracy.

The existence of radio talk is also essential for our everyday discourse because of how influencing it can be to that matter. Radio talk has also been simply a part of everyone’s daily structure. It is the source of information where people can engage and participate both passively and actively. Not to mention that they can also stay tuned on their favorite programs.

Radio talk show is not new feature on radio broadcast. It has been existed since 1920s in Western nations. Meanwhile, it started to appear in non-Western nations since 1940s. in the past, holding a live conversation radio talk show was a not the only option.


Sometime taped interviews were included instead and being relayed on air. The number or radio station that featured radio talk show kept increasing since then. Until now, you can always listen to many different radio talk show from every radio station. Some are designed to give entertainment and some are delivered with in-depth topic to discuss.

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